TBT Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes Trow Back Thursday  This week I will give you a sneak peak Behind The Scenes. And since it’s Thursday, it’s time for a #TBT. In this video we take a sneak peak into my first acting assignment during acting school on camera. First Take The... read more

Midweek update from Amsterdam

So it has been a month since I started this crowdfunding campaign, and still have one month to go. This week, in between the switching of months, has been some sort of life changing. Not in a huge life changing way, but in a daily living way. Music videos The two... read more

Splitting up the Goal

Last week you read about my first week experiences of crowdfunding. This week I’ve used those insights to make adaptations to the campaign and website. Split up in 3 Instead of one very ambitious goal of €30.000, I’ve split up the project in three goals. The main goal... read more

First week’s recap (Part III)

Photo by : Franggy Yanez Photo Today the last part of my first weeks’ reflection on starting a crowdfunding project for an acting study in Los Angeles. With all these insights I have adapted my campaign and now it is ready to expand. Playing hard? Show work even... read more

First week’s recap (Part II)

Next to reactions, comments and feedback, the actual thing this campaign relies on to succeed or not, is monetary support. Being totally honest, there weren’t that many so far. And I do understand. Do I expect this project to succeed? No. Do I hope this project to... read more

First week’s recap (Part I)

It’s been one week since I since I launched this crowdfunding project! And it has been a turbulent one. In the next days I will upload my first week’s experiences. Here is recap part 1: A blend of feedback First, I promoted my campaign to my friends on social media.... read more

Started my crowdfunding campaign!

After weeks of preparing and (literally) working my ass off. But it is finally here: crowdfunding an acting study in Los Angeles. This idea started to grow right after last summer. I have been in LA for the most part last year for an acting course, searching for jobs... read more

Welcome to my new website!

I am very excited about the launching of my new website www.mariellakvo.com! :D My previous blog Pink Cherry Bubble gave you a look into my first experience as a Dutch girl trying to make it as an actress in Hollywood. Now the acting journey continues… Are you... read more

Graduation time!

Here it is, the piece of paper that I worked for these last months. I have graduated from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles in Acting for Film. These last couple of months have been amazing and I never thought I would learn so much, meet so many awesome people,... read more

Blog break

Hi all! As you may have noticed, I’m not a lot around on my blog lately. I’m so sorry about that! The thing is I’m extremely busy the last two weeks and barely at home. Last week I had my usual busy school schedule, shot 3 (!) short movies and went... read more

Mariella KvO

Mariella KvO

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Mariella KvO is an actress and writer of this blog. She studied acting in Los Angeles. Currently working on acting & modeling gigs in Amsterdam.


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